"Besides losing 2" in height, I wanted more energy, to feel better/happier, and  a consistent positive outlook. In addition, my last bone density test showed osteopenia progressing to osteoporosis. I wanted to proactively fight this by strengthening bones, muscles, and improve balance and do all possible to avoid serious back pain and lack of mobility. Thanks to Dean's classes, my goals are met and ongoing!

In my early 60s, I was afraid to try an exercise class thinking I wouldn’t be able to keep up. Then I read about Dean Walters' Aging Boldly classes at the BodyZone Fitness gym. At first, the classes weren’t easy but they were do-able. Be warned, Dean fakes you out thinking ‘lounging abs’ is going to be easy! But you do what you can as you strengthen and improve. Today, these classes are still a great workout and I can now use heavier weights and complete all reps. Also enjoy his Butts & Guts class followed by the wonderful Stretching Boldly class which is such a treat!

Today, I can see muscle tone improvement! One example of how these classes have helped...Last year I tried skating again. Comes back to you like riding a bike, right? Not! I was so shaky with less balance that my friends would not let me put the skates back on until I was fully padded from head to toe. After a year of Dean's classes, I skated with more strength, balance and stamina. It is so much fun!

Dean makes the classes fun with his wit and humor, but is also very knowledgeable having his own history of the need for improved physical fitness.  He teaches us about the different muscles and bones, and assists with getting into the correct position to gain the most from each exercise.

I look forward to going to these classes. Some days if I don’t feel like going, I go anyway and afterwards I am so glad that I did! Just DO IT! " :-) 

Lisa C, May 2018

"I restarted the Aging Boldly classes in mid October, going twice a week.  During Christmas week our family went skiing in Colorado and my husband and even the grandchildren noticed how much more stamina I had.  While not able to keep up with the 20-somethings I was able to hold my own at 74 years old! I certainly credit the improvement in my skiing and stamina to the classes.  Thank you Dean!"

Carolyn G., Apr 2018

"Dean's classes are unique and wonderful. He is an excellent and  knowledgeable trainer, whose focus is to help those of us who are a little "long in the tooth" become our best and most fit selves. He monitors each class member to ensure that we are using proper form, and encourages us to work within our limitations, but not  to exceed them if there is a risk of any injury. I really like the fact that he's extremely nurturing and obviously cares deeply about each person in the class (proven by the fact that he checks up on us if we are not there). But the thing I like best is the fact that, although we work hard, we laugh throughout the classes! Dean uses humor to create an atmosphere where everyone has a great time while improving their health. I wish I would've found his classes before now!" 

Susie T., Mar 2018

"Dean's passion for life is at the core of how he is effective as a trainer and coach!"  Dale A., Mar 2018 

"I  have learned so much amazing, age appropriate information from Dean  that I apply on a daily basis to improving my health and fitness. The  3X weekly, fast paced, moderately priced sessions have been by far the  best and most awesome fitness training experiences I have ever  participated in. There  is good reason for my satisfaction: Dean constantly updates his  exercises, research and insights into aging boldly – no session is a  duplicate of a previous session. Thank you Dean, you are simply the best."  

Dennis H., Mar 2018

"I’ve been going to classes with Dean since I arrived in Key West.  He’s the best!  I’m challenged, and I feel so good after a class.  He’s always watching and makes sure that I do the exercises correctly and safely.  I’ve been in several exercise classes focused on older adults and this is by far the best.  Thank you, Dean!"  Mary R., Feb 2018

"The Aging Boldly classes have been transformative for me: I reached my 70th birthday without doing any regular exercise at all. I started Aging Boldly last year and have not missed a class since. I very much look forward to my three classes a week (plus Dean’s stretching class) and would miss them if I couldn’t go. The results are remarkable. I have gained in strength, agility and balance. An exercise that had me in pain and panting for breath a year ago is one I can do now, without pain, even when I use heavier weights. More important to me, I can now get up from the floor without help or something to lean on, which I couldn’t do until fairly recently. Dean uses his extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and exercise to tailor and vary the exercises over time. His good humor and occasional bursts of song keep us all in good spirits.  If you have been thinking of exercising but are afraid to start, you should definitely come to an Aging Boldly class. If you do, I am sure you will become a regular."   Steven W., Dec 2017 

"I think your class is fabulous." Elena S., Nov 2017